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01 : Who can access these documents?
02 : In what format are the documents available?
03 : If I do not have Adobe Reader, how can I get it?
04 : What are “Instant Download" files?
05 : What are "Post Order Delivery" files?
06 : How long does it take before I can access my “Instant Download Docs? files after I have purchased them?
07 : How long does it take to receive “Post Order Delivery Docs? once I have ordered and paid for them?
08 : How long will the documents that I have purchased remain in
09 : Download vs. Open File?
10 : What happens if I don’t download a file prior to the allotted time?
11 : Is it safe to use my credit card for payment?
12 : Can I get a refund for any reason after my purchase?
13 : What can I do with the documents?
14 : Who is responsible for the content of a document?
15 : How are the document prices set?
16 : How do I find contact information for a particular condominium corporation?
17 : What do I do if I have a question regarding the online delivery of documents, which is not answered here?
18 : What is a "condo legal description"?
19 : What happens if I can not process my credit card payment at the time of check out?
20 : What happens if I have accidently paid twice for the same transaction?
21 : What do I do if I have forgotten my password?
22 : How do I search for a condominium using the Legal Description search feature?
23 : Why does the listing display "N/A" after the title of the document?