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Calling all Condominium Corporations, let CondoDocs Online.com show you how to create revenue for your Corporation. Serving on the Board of Directors, is a volunteer position that requires your time and commitment. Reduce the time and administrative costs and conserve your volunteer hours by simply providing your documents to CondoDocs Online.com and we will do the rest. We will:

  • convert them into the appropriate format for online delivery;
  • provide a Documents Management and Storage System that will meet the requirements of the Corporation, regardless of Board changes throughout the years;
  • relieve the current volunteer Board from the task and cost of preparing and delivering most documents within the Act’s mandated time frame;
  • provide the flexibility and convenience of various payment methods;
  • provide document delivery at your clients’ ease; and
  • put money into the Corporation’s coffers every time documents are purchased through CondoDocs Online.com.

    Don’t wait! See how other condominium corporations are providing enhanced document delivery while putting money into their bank accounts. Visit condodocsonline.com” today to see how easy it is to put CondoDocs Online.com to work for you in as little as 48 hours. Click here to Sign-Up! This hot key takes them to the contact sheet below.

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